Skin Care - Order of Application

I have been getting many questions about the order skin care should be applied. An easy way to remember is - thin to thick! I made a simple AM and PM list for you guys to screen shot! Hope this helps!

The main three products that I preach need to be medical grade are Vitamin C, SPF, and Retinol. You can find these products for sale in my office or on my website. Stay away from amazon and other online places when ordering medical grade skin care. It could be fake, diluted down, or from china. Medical grade skin care must be sold by a licensed professional being overseen by a physician. The ingredients are more active and the products have been studied through clinical trials to work!

Now.. obviously I love many other products, but if you had to budget for three these would be the three I preach about! If you have questions on other great products such as cleansers and hyaluronic acid- send me a message!

Having an at home skin care regimen will help your skin glow all year long. Your skin needs antioxidants, acids, moisture, SPF, and more. It’s all a balancing act. Good skin doesn’t happen overnight. You have to take the time to get on a regimen and you have to invest in quality skin care... I call this a skinvestment!

Medical grade products do work quicker than over the counter products. The sooner you can start a medical grade skin care regimen the better! Remember the skin is the bodies largest organ.. take care of it! If you have any questions or need a customized skin care regimen, email me -Let me know your age, skin type, and products you are currently using or have tried. If you want to browse through all of the products I sell in my office then go to the tab on my website - Skin Care. For a one time coupon code of 15% off use NURSELAUREN15 at checkout!!

If you would like to have a face to face consult or come pick skin care products up at my office, you can book online "consult" or "product pick up" at

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