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Vein Treatment

Spider veins are common after pregnancies, long time heavy weightlifting, or prolonged sitting. Asclera is the only FDA approved treatment for spider veins! 

One treatment takes 30mins-1 hour. Cost is $200 per session. You may need multiple sessions for desired results.


You need to walk for 15-20 mins post treatment before leaving. Treatment can be repeated every 2-3 weeks. In the clinical study, final results were after multiple sessions, with last result at 26 weeks.



Pre Care

Pre-procedure, you must avoid tanning beds 1 week prior. No shaving or lotion the day of the procedure. Bring a pair or loose shorts or loose pants to wear after the procedure. You must consent to photos.

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Post Care

Post procedure, you must wear compression stockings (will be provided) for 2-3 days around the clock, and then 2 weeks at least 8 hours every day. You must walk for 15-20 minutes, twice a day. 


2 days post injection:

-No shaving or lotion

-No long flights

-No heavy lifting

-No hot baths/saunas 

-No high heel shoes

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